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Mochamad Dani Ramdani

Country Leader of GivingTuesday Indonesia

“Don’t wait for opportunities, but create them yourself.” – Mochamad Dani Ramdani
Mochamad Dani Ramdani, affectionately known as Dani, born in 1988. From a young age, Dani displayed leadership qualities and a strong spirit for humanity. Alongside his schoolmates, he actively participated in several local and national organizations, including PMII (Indonesian Islamic Student Movement). These early achievements became a solid foundation for his career in the field of social work and leadership.

Leader of Family Youth and Mosque Youth

Not content with just involvement in large organizations, Dani, together with his companions, founded several organizations such as the Association of Students in the Cibatu Sub-district and the Family Youth Mosque. His role in these organizations wasn’t merely as a member; he was always entrusted with the highest positions as a leader. His dedication in leading these groups brought about positive changes in the surrounding communities.

Chairman of the Indonesian Volunteer Society (MRI)

Dani’s success in the world of leadership continued to grow, and he reached the pinnacle as the Chairman of the Indonesian Volunteer Society (MRI), the largest NGO in Indonesia. Under his leadership, MRI achieved success in various humanitarian and emergency response programs, not only at the national level but also in the Garut Regency. One of the outstanding programs he created was the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact. This program yielded exceptional results, providing assistance to 129 thousand people in the region.

Success in Business and Media

Dani is not only a humanitarian activist but also a successful entrepreneur and researcher. With experience in various national and multinational industries and companies, he has achieved recognition at various levels, from staff positions to top management or director roles. Courage and perseverance in creating opportunities are the keys to his success in his career.

Spreading Goodness through Online Media and the “Gerakan Kebaikan Negeri” (Nation’s Goodness Movement)

Moreover, Dani embraced the role of media as a means to convey positive and inspiring information. He became the founder of an online media company named Info Semesta News. Through this platform, he endeavors to disseminate news that adds value to society.

As a humanitarian activist, Dani established the “Gerakan Kebaikan Negeri” as a platform for the spirit of volunteerism he champions. This movement aims to encourage more people to participate in meaningful social activities for the benefit of society.

Vision for the Future: Changing the World through Humanity

The life story of Mochamad Dani Ramdani is a concrete example of how dedication, leadership, and the spirit of humanity can create significant and positive changes in the lives of many. Dani’s vision and mission to help others never wane. He will continue to strive to change the world through his actions filled with goodness. This biography is a tribute to his inspiring journey and a testament that with unwavering determination, we can all achieve success and make a positive impact on the world.

Hasan Mustapa

Social entrepreneur, academician, and researcher.

Have experiences with both government and non government organization such as: Garut local government, State of Islamic University Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung, Sabili Islamic College, LPTQ Garut, BKPRMI Garut, IPPNU Wanakerta, Bappenas, Kemenkeu, Kemenag, West Java government, and so on.
In 2010 he and collegas found Muslim Youth Family of Cibatu, Indonesia (Gapermi). And co-found of Cibatu Student Association (Hiperstu).
Leader of Gapermi (2010-2014).
Since 2015 engaged with Al-Muhajirin Cibatu Foundation. On education and social affairs.
His academic writing focus on Politics, Religiousness, Farming, Education. Spread on national and international journals.
In 2022 found Waste Management Wanakerta Community.
International courses: Waste Management, Temple University Japan Campus. Tokyo, Japan (2013); Social Empowerment Short Course. Western Sydney University. Sydney, Australia (2015); Chinese Language and Culture. Nanjing Normal University. Nanjing, China (2016-2017); Giving Tueaday Global Summit. Lisbon, Portugal (2023).

Neng Kiki Meli


Discovered her calling in humanitarian and social work since 2014, while still pursuing her studies. She got involved in assisting pregnant women’s health through the “Bunda Textalk” program, supported by organizations like Hivos and Seatti. Despite facing challenges during her college journey, Kiki didn’t give up. Instead, she chose the path of self-employment and proved that her perseverance brought significant benefits across various fields.

As a mother, Kiki embraced the pivotal role of nurturing and educating her children, exemplifying how love and care shape a better future.

Her contributions extended beyond her family, as she served as the treasurer of the Khusnul Khotimah Foundation since 2015, focusing on education and healthcare. In this capacity, she made tangible contributions in improving educational access for underprivileged children and aiding communities in need of healthcare services.

In the realm of information technology, Kiki honed her skills as a web developer, graphic designer, and digital marketing expert. Her expertise allowed her to collaborate with various organizations and social initiatives, creating positive change through digital media.

Since 2020, Kiki has actively volunteered with the Indonesian Volunteer Society (MRI). Despite juggling her roles as a mother and self-employed worker, she consistently allocates time to participate in social programs and community service organized by MRI.

Moreover, Kiki reached the pinnacle of her activism when she became a part of the Gerakan Kebaikan Negeri (National Goodness Movement). In this role, she plays a strategic part in establishing strong partnerships with different stakeholders, supporting various social programs and initiatives promoted by the movement.

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