GivingTuesday is a Movement that Unleashes the Power of Radical Generosity Around the World, including in Indonesia.

GivingTuesday envisions an Indonesia built on shared humanity and profound kindness.

Our global network collaborates year-round to inspire generosity throughout Indonesia, with a common mission to construct a nation where generosity becomes an inseparable part of everyday life.

In Indonesia, we believe that goodness can begin with simple actions, such as making someone smile, helping neighbors or strangers, advocating for causes we care about, or giving a portion of what we have to those in need. Every act of generosity holds significant meaning, and every individual in Indonesia has the potential to contribute meaningfully to others.

We are committed to working together with diverse communities in Indonesia, social organizations, and individuals who share the spirit of giving. Together, we aim to create positive change in this country, fostering a culture of mutual giving and caring for one another.

Let us embrace this vision together to build a better Indonesia, where generosity and kindness are values that flow through every layer of society, and become the driving force behind meaningful change in the lives of many people in this nation.

If GivingTuesday succeeds in Indonesia, the world would witness the following vision:

Our Vision for Indonesia

We envision a Indonesia where radical generosity flourishes, fueled by the transformative powers of empathy and solidarity. In this world, giving is not merely a series of transactions or isolated interactions, but a profound recognition of our shared humanity. Every individual in Indonesia would be respected for what they can give, receive, and learn from one another.

Generosity would be the driving force that uplifts, empowers, and unites communities across the archipelago. Each act of generosity, no matter how big or small, would be cherished and celebrated, as it contributes to the well-being of society as a whole.

In this vision for Indonesia, GivingTuesday becomes the catalyst for a culture of giving and caring. It inspires people from all walks of life to come together, transcending barriers of race, religion, and socioeconomic status. GivingTuesday in Indonesia would be the universal rallying cry, igniting compassion and kindness in the hearts of its people.

This transformative generosity would lead to a more equal and connected Indonesia, where individuals and organizations collaborate to address pressing issues and uplift those in need. The spirit of giving would permeate all aspects of society, from helping those less fortunate to supporting social and environmental causes.

In this world, Indonesia would stand as a shining example of how radical generosity can create a compassionate and harmonious society. The foundation of shared humanity and a collective commitment to giving would foster a nation where everyone’s well-being is prioritized, and no one is left behind.

Overall, if GivingTuesday succeeds in Indonesia, it would leave a lasting legacy of compassion, solidarity, and mutual respect, creating a better world not only for Indonesians but also serving as an inspiration for global change.

Our Mission for Indonesia

Across the Indonesian archipelago, hundreds of thousands of leaders and millions of people work together to transform their communities for the better. The core of GivingTuesday supports this local impact through networked leadership development in various communities throughout Indonesia, strategic storytelling and communication that amplifies the effects of generosity, the deployment of human, financial, and social capital within and throughout the movement, and ultimately, the ritualization of generosity nationwide, significantly increasing the rates of giving and volunteering in the country.

GivingTuesday is invested in communities all over Indonesia, with a mandate to foster generosity across every culture, island, and context.

In the context of Indonesia, GivingTuesday strives to empower communities by engaging local leaders and partners from diverse sectors to create positive change. Through leadership training programs, inspiring storytelling campaigns that reflect the richness of local cultures and values, and the utilization of technology to expand outreach, GivingTuesday connects and mobilizes cooperation among communities across Indonesia.

We are aware of the unique challenges and opportunities in Indonesia, including social, environmental, and economic issues that need to be addressed. Our mission is to inspire, encourage collaboration, and empower Indonesian society to proactively engage in acts of kindness and generosity in their daily lives.

With a focus on community spirit and the spirit of mutual cooperation that are already ingrained in Indonesian culture, GivingTuesday aims to promote the adoption of generosity as a core value in various aspects of life, from helping others to supporting efforts to create positive change in the country.

Through collaboration and collective care, GivingTuesday is committed to making a real impact in Indonesia, bringing about positive change, and forging stronger bonds of empathy and solidarity among all Indonesians.

Our Values in the context of Indonesia

Interconnection is the movement’s superpower; it multiplies the strength of our organic, distributed creativity, and problem-solving, especially in the diverse and vast landscape of Indonesia.

We collectively share success and accountability across our global movement, recognizing that collaboration and cooperation are essential in Indonesia’s multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society.

We are continually intellectually curious; at the same time, we value our deep base of shared learnings drawn from across the movement, embracing the rich diversity and wisdom found in Indonesia’s various communities.

We believe in collaborative experimentation and innovation, adapting and tailoring our approaches to the unique challenges and opportunities present in Indonesia’s different regions.

Embracing new models of hierarchy and power, GivingTuesday bolsters leaders from not only expected but also unexpected backgrounds, nurturing a spirit of inclusivity and diversity in leadership within the Indonesian context.

We all have gifts and talents to give; we all have wants and needs. Each generous action is a chance to connect, serve, and uplift one another, fostering a sense of unity and mutual support within Indonesia’s society.

We embrace an abundance mindset and believe generosity is plentiful and generative, acknowledging the potential for positive change and progress in Indonesia through the collective power of giving.

In Indonesia, these values are crucial in promoting unity, understanding, and empathy among its diverse population. By embracing interconnectedness, sharing success and learning, encouraging collaborative innovation, and embracing diversity, GivingTuesday can make a significant and positive impact on the nation and its communities.

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